Anthurium Jungle King


60cm high
14cm pot size
Bright spot, no direct sunlight
Drinks a lot

Package: 1 plant

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How to keep this plant alive

Find the right spot

With which plant is it better to give a jungle touch to your house than with the one and only Jungle King? That’s what we thought as well! This plant is also very easy to care for. Place him on a half-shade spot as he likes a little ray of sunshine but can’t handle direct sunlight. Do you have a west- or east facing window? Perfect! You could place him near a window facing south as well, but be sure to keep at least 2 meters of distance from the window.

How thirsty is this plant?

Well, he is quite a drinker. Put it in a pot where the water can drain and water it regularly so that the soil does not dry out. That’s all you need to do!

Did you know…?

  • This plant is grown as sustainable as possible? The grower regularly checks his environmental impact and is actively reducing this. For example, they heat their greenhouse with geothermal energy, so that almost no natural gas is needed anymore.


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