75cm high
21cm pot size
Direct sunlight
Average drinker

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How to keep this plant alive

Find the right spot

Are those oranges really edible? Yes, definitely! With this plant you can grow your own oranges at home. Put the orange tree in winter inside, on the sunniest spot you can find. From about mid-May you can also put this plant outside on your balcony or in the garden.

How thirsty is this plant?

That depends on the season. Make sure the soil dries out before watering again. In winter this means that you water the plant every two to three weeks. In the summer every week and when it’s warm you even more often. Some nutrition also makes this plant very happy. Give that in winter about once every five weeks and in the summer once every two weeks.

Did you know…?

  • This plant does not like chalk in water a lot? The best thing you can do is give him rainwater. Is this hard for you? Then keep leftover water from your kettle after you have a cup of tea. Allow this water to cool and pour it into the plant.


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