Coffee Plant


25cm high
12cm pot size
Direct sunlight
Average drinker

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How to keep this plant alive

Find the right spot

A real coffee plant! When this plant starts to bloom, it grows red berries with seeds in them. These are the coffee beans. Unfortunately you won’t be able to harvest them for a delicious brew anytime soon. Nonetheless this plant is still very nice looking because of its shiny leaves. You can place him in direct sunlight. Although it is important to let the plant get used to this. After purchase, put it two meters away from the window and gradually move it closer and closer to the window.

How thirsty is this plant?

He likes a sip, but he’s not a problematic drinker! Make sure the soil always stays slightly moist, so regularly give it small bits of water. In addition, give him some plant nutrition every month, so his leaves continue to shine nicely.

Did you know…?

  • This plant looks very sweet in an old coffee mug?
  • This plant likes to be sprayed? Especially in those Dutch living rooms with dry air. This keeps his leaves shine nicely and removes the dust at the same time, allowing it to absorb more sunlight.


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