Fishbone Prayer Plant


40cm high
12cm pot size
Bright spot, no direct sunlight
Average drinker

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How to keep this plant alive

Find the right spot

His official name is Ctenanthe Burle Marxii. Say whut? Exactly. We just call him Fishbone prayer plant. This is one of our favorite plants because of his beautiful leaf drawing. A nice green print at the top and purple colored at the bottom. Put it in a bright spot, but not in the bright sun.

How thirsty is this plant?

Quite a bit! Water this plant every week in summer and in winter every two weeks. The most important thing is that the soil does not dry out, so feel free to add a little if necessary. If you also give some plant nutrition every month, you make this plant very happy.

Did you know…?

  • Does this plant need a good night sleep to stay pretty? In the evening he raises his leaves, so you see the purple bottom. And in the morning, he open his leaves again. This will result in some rustling, so don’t be alarmed.


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