Golden Cane Palm in white Elho pot


125cm high
24cm pot size
Bright spot, no direct sunlight
Drinks a lot

Pot: White Elho pot
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How to keep this plant alive

Find the right spot

Are you looking for a big plant that will give you a greener house in one fell swoop? Then this golden cane palm might be for you. Mind you, he’s quite a drama queen. Put it in a bright spot, but not in full sun. Give him enough space so you don’t run into it. Also make sure it’s not in the draft and not near a heater. Pfoe, pretty demanding huh? But its worth it!

How thirsty is this plant?

Well, he is quite a drinker. Give it water once a week in winter and 2 to 3 times a week in summer. In any case, make sure that the soil always remains moist.

Did you know…?

  • With some plant food monthly in the summer can you help this palm grow a little more?
  • If you really try your best, but then you really do your best, he can grow up to your ceiling?


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